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I am Jafar Rezaei - also known as SayJeyHi.

I am a web developer with good focus on building frontend related stuff. If I want to give a flash back to first days of stating my work, First when I was 17y.o I made a website called CoffeMellat to design graphic, after some banner design I figure it out I could code some of my designs. So I built MellatDesign website which aims on making re-usable templates with a focus on MyBB.

MellatDesign was a successful project and we did a lot of works with that brand. With starting university I register a company named Idea processor and worked on a bigger project called CityGram. That was a project like yelp. We worked in Roshd accelerator of Azad university in Ardabil. After two years of work on Citygram our team failed and we decide to work on a new project called Jurchin. Jurchin was a website maker with focus on drag&drop components to page. After one year of working on it we decide to close the company and keep a regular life without stress of failing every day.

Then in 2017 I move from Ardabil to Tehran and my employee independent life started. I worked for Torfehnegar, and then now in 2020 I am at SnappMarket

I like javascript and wrote a book to make learning it easier, it is open source and available in Mariotek repository [ github ]. I also translate a book about reactjs interview questions which could help people to have easier interviews [ github ].

Github - StackOverflow - LinkedIn